How Do Truck Tires Cause Accidents?

How Do Truck Tires Cause Accidents

A lot of people don’t realize it, but truck tires can cause a variety of accidents. These accidents can range from simple flats to catastrophic blowouts and can lead to injuries and fatalities. 

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Unlike passenger cars, which can have a single tire, big rigs and semi-trucks have many large tires. Each of these massive tires has a tremendous amount of pressure and is designed to carry much more weight than an average passenger car tire can handle, making them a prime target for a blowout. 

The pressure inside a truck tire is over seven times that of a passenger vehicle tire, and the pressure can build up rapidly when a driver is traveling at high speeds or when a tire is over-inflated. This extreme strain on the rubber causes it to expand and eventually give way with an explosion. 

If a truck tire blows out, it can cause the driver to lose control of their big rig and crash into oncoming traffic or other vehicles in the road. This can result in a deadly collision with a car or even a rollover accident. 

When a blowout occurs, it can create debris that could be scattered across the road in several different lanes. This debris can become a dangerous distraction to drivers as they try to avoid it and might cause them to swerve into other lanes. 

One of the biggest problems is that a blowout can happen at any time, causing an accident without warning. This is particularly true when a driver is going at a high speed and does not have the time to react. 

Another common problem is that a blowout can be caused by road conditions, such as potholes or other roadway debris. These can damage a tire’s internal structure, which can lead to a blowout or sidewall failure. 

Fortunately, these kinds of issues can be avoided if a driver takes the proper precautions to monitor their tires and maintain them properly. This includes monitoring inflation, tread depth, mileage and quality. It also requires that they have a pre-trip inspection checklist and take action if problems arise. 

If a blowout is due to the failure of a tire’s construction, the manufacturing company may be liable for damages. If the truck driver negligently failed to inspect their tires, they could be liable for the loss of control or other injuries caused by the blowout. 

The trucker’s cargo load is another reason that a tire blowout can occur. Each state has a maximum gross weight limit for trucks, and they are not allowed to exceed this amount. 

A truck’s cargo can shift, which can cause it to swerve and cause the tires to give way. This can cause a rollover accident if the truck is top-heavy and the driver does not have the ability to correct the vehicle’s direction. 

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