How Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

How Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur? 

Unlike other motor vehicles, motorcycles can be difficult to spot and have less visibility, causing them to be prone to dangerous road conditions. These conditions can include inclement weather, slippery surfaces, and uneven pavement, which can all be deadly for a motorcyclist.

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In addition, motorcycles are more vulnerable to being hit by other vehicles, particularly cars, because they have smaller in size and cannot maneuver as well as passenger cars. When a car hits a motorcyclist, the driver may be thrown through the air, crushed, or thrown from the bike. These accidents can be deadly, and the NHTSA reports that head-on collisions are the most common type of motorcycle accident. 

Motorcycle accidents are usually caused by a car or other vehicle failing to recognize a motorcycle. This is often because the motorist is distracted, speeding, or not looking closely enough. Motorcyclists are also at a disadvantage when they are weaving between cars. This can cause them to veer off the road, hit a fence, or hit a tree. 

Motorcycle accidents can also occur when the driver is drunk. This is especially common on interstates, where the driver is required to drive at a higher speed than on other types of roads. However, drunk drivers cannot avoid accidents, and motorcyclists need to be observant while riding. It’s also important to stay vigilant in heavy traffic since accidents are more likely to happen during these times. 

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure of drivers to yield the right of way to motorcyclists. Cars will usually turn left in front of a motorcycle when the motorist is trying to pass, which can be dangerous. The driver may not see the motorcyclist or may miss the turn signal. They may also fail to see the gap between the motorcycle and the car, and will therefore pull out in front of it. 

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is lane splitting. This occurs when the rider shifts from the inside lane to the outside lane. This means the rider is moving into the right lane, which is often a safer spot for a motorcyclist. This maneuver is also called lane filtering and is only legal in a few states. 

Motorcyclists are also more likely to be killed in a crash if they collide with a fixed object, such as a fence, tree, or another object. The NHTSA reports that one-fourth of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with a fixed object. These types of crashes account for 23% of motorcycle deaths. 

Motorcycle accidents are also more likely to happen in urban areas and intersections. The majority of motorcycle accidents occur on non-interstate roads, which are generally smaller and have heavier traffic. In addition, intersections are the most common locations for motorcycle accidents, with 56% of them occurring at intersections. In addition, 54% of motorcycle accidents happen at night, with fewer hours of visibility. 

Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include speeding, drunk driving, and other reckless behavior. These behaviors increase the risk of a motorcycle crash, and drivers who hire lawyers often see a 40% increase in insurance settlements. 

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