How Common Are Hit And Run Parking Lots?

How Common Are Hit-and-Run Parking Lots? 

After sitting in heavy traffic or navigating busy roads, drivers often relax in a parking lot. But this false sense of security isn’t good for motorists or pedestrians. As a result, parking lots are the site of thousands of car accidents every year. 

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Drivers Backing Out and Colliding with Other Vehicles 

Among the most common types of parking lot collisions involve one driver pulling out or backing out of a parked vehicle and crashing into another moving or parked vehicle. This type of crash almost always occurs because the driver failed to look both ways before pulling or backing out. 

Distracted Driving in A Parking Lot 

Many people don’t realize that their distracted driving behavior in a parking lot can lead to a serious or fatal accident. Cell phone usage, looking for open parking spaces, activating GPS and typing addresses, hurrying to park and exit the vehicle, carrying on conversations with passengers, and putting away packages are all distractions that can lead to an unsafe situation. 

Aside from these common causes of car accidents, parking lot collisions also often involve pedestrians. Small children, infants in strollers, and older adults are all at risk of serious injury or death. 

The first thing you should do after being injured in a parking lot accident is to seek medical attention immediately, regardless of your symptoms. If you believe you’ve been injured, you should not talk to the insurance company, admit fault, or sign any documents until an experienced New York City personal injury attorney has inspected your injuries and assessed your claim. 

Determining Fault In A Parking Lot Crash 

Just like any other New York Street or highway, a parking lot is an area that has certain rules for safe and responsible traffic. These rules are designed to protect other drivers and pedestrians from dangerous situations. However, determining which driver was at fault can be difficult. 

Most crashes in a parking lot are the fault of one driver, but sometimes multiple drivers are at fault. In this case, the insurance company will review the circumstances of the accident to determine which driver was at fault. 

When determining who was at fault, an insurance adjuster will consider the location of the impact marks on the vehicles and other factors that may indicate which driver caused the crash. They will also take into consideration the speed of each driver and how far they were from the parked vehicle at the time of the accident. 

Determining the Cause of a Parking Lot Collision 

Even though traffic in parking lots is often slower than in other areas, a parking lot can be a dangerous place to drive or walk. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable to car-related injuries and deaths. 

Pedestrians are most at risk during the evening hours when they are most likely to be walking in or near a parking lot. They are more likely to be hit by a car and less aware of their surroundings than at any other time of day. 

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