How Can An Accident Injury Lawyer Help You With A Pedestrian Accident Case?

How can an accident injury lawyer help you with a pedestrian accident case? 

When a pedestrian is hit by a car, their injuries can be severe. They will likely have large medical bills and may be unable to work, and this can lead to lost income. Whether they are dealing with the insurance company or filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver, victims will need to prove their losses and damages. An experienced NYC pedestrian accident lawyer can help them do so by gathering evidence and negotiating with the insurance company for fair compensation. 

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Proving Fault in a Pedestrian Accident: 

It is not always obvious who was responsible for a pedestrian accident, but the police can create a report on the scene by assessing the location where the accident took place, speaking with witnesses, and taking statements from the injured person. They can also use a variety of other resources, including video footage from nearby surveillance cameras, to build a case for negligence on the part of the driver. The lawyer will take all of these pieces of evidence and compile them into a clear picture of how the crash happened and who was responsible for the pedestrian’s losses. 

Recovering Damages:

After a pedestrian accident, there are many different types of losses that a victim can be compensated for. The most common are related to medical expenses, but the law also allows for a recovery of future expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. While it is possible to calculate the amount of these losses, a lawyer will be able to provide a more accurate evaluation and negotiate for just and full financial compensation from an insurance adjuster on the victim’s behalf. 

In addition, a pedestrian accident attorney will be able to determine whether the incident involves an uninsured driver or other potential defendants. In addition to drivers, private entities, such as engineering firms, and governmental agencies may be held liable for the design or location of a crosswalk that contributed to the accident. 

An attorney will understand the complex laws pertaining to pedestrian accidents, and they will be able to file the proper paperwork, respond to pleadings and motions, conduct formal discovery, and take other important steps in litigation. This is especially critical for a lawsuit against a government entity, as these cases are much more complicated and have shorter statutes of limitations than those against individuals. 

If you are a pedestrian who was injured in an accident with a vehicle, you will need to speak with an experienced New York City pedestrian injury lawyer as soon as possible. Call the attorneys at Oresky & Associates, PLLC today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your options for financial compensation. We offer our services to clients throughout the Bronx. We look forward to hearing from you.! 

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