How Are Accident Investigation Details Used in Court Cases? 

How Are Accident Investigation Details Used in Court Cases? 

Accident investigation details are an essential piece of evidence in any motoring collision case. Insurance companies and attorneys use them to bolster a claim, proving the extent of your damages and helping you get a fair settlement. 

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When your accident is just a small accident, the police may not have an opportunity to investigate. As such, they will write a brief report that summarizes the facts of your collision, including the vehicle type and model, party names, time and location. The report will also usually include the officer’s opinions and conclusions regarding who was at fault and how it happened. 

You can request your accident report by contacting the police department that investigated your crash, and depending on whether it is classified as a matter of public record or unavailable due to a pending criminal proceeding, it could take several weeks or months to receive your report. 

Your attorney may ask you to provide a copy of the police report before you file a lawsuit, or even as part of your claim. The police will keep these reports on file for a set amount of time, and they can be used as evidence if your case goes to trial. 

A police report is a written document that is typically created at the scene of the accident by an officer responding to the call for help. It is a summary of the incident that includes information about what happened and the opinions and conclusions arrived at by the officer, catalogued with a report number. 

In addition, the police will often obtain statements from witnesses and parties at the accident scene. These statements are often the closest to the truth of what occurred in the moment before a witness or party’s perception is changed by time or their self-interest. 

The police will also collect data from the vehicles that were involved in the crash. This information is usually saved on the cars’ electronic data recorders, and it can be analyzed by an accident reconstructionist to determine factors such as speed, engine RPM, brake usage, seat belt use, and airbag deployment. 

Lastly, police will also collect evidence from other parties at the scene of the crash. This may include documents or items such as medical records or insurance claims. 

Your injury lawyer may request copies of these documents as well, to help them prove your injuries and the extent of their impact on your life. Having these documents in hand will allow your lawyer to present them to the insurance company and help them settle the claim. 

If you are a victim of an accident, it is vital that you start the investigation process as soon as possible. This will uphold your right to compensation and prevent any of the evidence from becoming eroded by time or weather. 

A truck accident investigation can be a lengthy process, so it is best to seek legal counsel as soon as you can. This will ensure that your accident case is taken care of in a timely manner and that the insurer does not discredit your claim. 

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