Countries Where Drunk Driving Is Legal?

Countries Where Drunk Driving is Legal? 

There are several countries around the world where driving after drinking is completely legal. These include South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. Let’s take a look at some of them. In each case, the laws on drunk driving differ slightly. While in other countries, drunk driving is completely illegal. 

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South America 

While driving under the influence of alcohol is against the law in many countries, Colombia’s laws are more lenient. While California’s legal limit for drunk driving is 0.08%, Colombia’s limit is 0.02%. Most other South American countries follow similar laws and consider a BAC of 0.2% or higher to be driving under the influence of alcohol. BAC limits in the Caribbean region are also lower, at 0.03% to 0.08%. 


Europe is a continent of countries that have legalized drunk driving. Depending on the country, the penalties can vary. In Austria, for example, a DUI can cost you EUR 5,900, and you may lose your license for a year. In France, a DUI can lead to a two-year jail sentence. In Germany, it can cost you up to EUR 500, and in Greece, you could face years in prison for a single drunk driving charge. The best way to avoid drinking and driving is to avoid drinking alcohol entirely. 

Middle East 

The Middle East countries where drunk driving is legal vary in their approach to alcohol and driving laws. Some countries are stricter than others, with more severe penalties for underage drinking. In Pakistan, for example, it is a crime to drive while intoxicated. If you are caught drinking and driving in Pakistan, you will be imprisoned. Alcohol-related driving offenses in the Middle East generally require a blood alcohol content of 0.5 percent or lower, with some countries allowing 0.8 percent. It is also possible to drink one alcoholic drink before driving. 

United Kingdom 

The recent changes to the United Kingdom’s drunk driving laws are controversial. Although the police are not allowed to stop your car for a Breathalyzer test, they do pull over vehicles for various traffic violations. However, if you are found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, you’ll face a much higher car insurance premium. In addition, some insurance companies refuse to insure drivers who are found to be intoxicated. 


China is one of the countries where drunk driving has become a serious problem. In 2010, approximately 10% of adult drivers in the country reported driving while intoxicated. Most of these cases involved male drivers – only 5.1% of female drivers reported this. According to the most recent survey, over 19% of male drivers had consumed alcohol in the last 30 days. This data points to the need for more effective methods to reduce this problem. 

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