Can A Truck Rollover Accident Attorney Help Me Negotiate A Settlement?

Can a truck rollover accident attorney help me negotiate a settlement? 

A truck rollover accident can leave victims with serious injuries and life-altering consequences. When a truck driver or trucking company is at fault, victims may file a lawsuit to recover compensation for their losses. However, insurance companies are often unwilling to pay the full value of a claim and will try to settle for as little as possible. An experienced Bronx truck rollover accident attorney at Anderson Hemmat can negotiate with the insurer to ensure you receive a fair offer and a settlement that covers your damages. 

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Depending on the nature of your injuries and expenses, you may have many different types of damages you are entitled to receive in a truck accident claim. Some of the most common include medical costs, lost income, property damage, and pain and suffering. Your lawyer can help you calculate the total cost of your injuries and expenses to determine how much you should be compensated for. 

The insurance claims adjuster handling your case will likely make an initial settlement offer that is unreasonably low. This is a tactic designed to make you eager to accept the offer and settle your claim quickly. An experienced lawyer can counter the adjuster’s offer at a higher amount, starting with the upper end of your range of damages. 

Cargo tanker trucks, semi trucks, and other commercial trucks typically carry hazardous materials (HAZMAT). When these vehicles are involved in a crash, they can spill their contents. These chemicals and materials can cause fires and explosions. Injuries from burns in a truck accident are often severe and can lead to lengthy hospital stays, plastic surgery, and skin grafts. 

Traumatic brain injury: A direct blow or jolt to the head during a crash can cause severe traumatic brain injuries in some accident victims. These injuries can cause permanent damage, leaving victims with cognitive and motor skills challenges for the rest of their lives. 

Spinal cord damage: A spinal cord injury can prevent an accident victim from feeling sensation or movement. These injuries are often paralyzing, requiring extensive treatment and long-term care. 

Your injuries and losses will have a major impact on your financial future. You may need to miss work or use vacation or sick days while recovering from your injuries, resulting in lost income. Your lawyer can help you calculate the value of this loss and prove it to the insurance company during the negotiation process. It’s important to remember that if you agree to a settlement, you will forgo the right to seek additional compensation if your condition worsens or other expenses arise. This is why it’s always best to let an attorney negotiate your settlement. 

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