At What Point Should You Enlist The Services Of A Lawyer Specialized In Car Accidents?

At What Point Should You Enlist The Services Of A Lawyer Specialized In Car Accidents?

There are many times when you may not need to hire a car accident lawyer, especially after a minor crash. For example, if you were involved in a rear-end collision that did not cause any injuries, and your vehicle was only damaged by a few dollars worth of damage, you likely don’t need to hire an attorney. 

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The most important reason to hire a car accident lawyer is when you get into an accident that causes severe or life-altering injuries. A car accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. 

If you are injured in an auto accident, it is critical to seek treatment immediately. This includes going to the hospital, getting an x-ray, and talking to your doctor. It is also essential to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident occurs. This is because insurance companies often make aggressive attempts to get you to settle for an amount they think is fair – before you know the full extent of your injuries or how much money you need to cover your medical bills. 

One of the most common tactics insurance companies use to try and get you to settle for a lowball amount is to call you and offer you a small amount of money with no strings attached. This sounds good, but in reality, it is a deceptive strategy. It limits your access to treatment, which you need for your recovery. 

Insurance companies work in their own best interests and aim to preserve their profits. When they try to avoid paying you for your medical costs and other losses, they are trying to protect their own bottom line. 

An experienced attorney will be able to tell you whether you are entitled to receive more compensation than the insurance company is willing to pay you. They are familiar with time limitations (called statutes of limitations) that can bar you from filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver, and they will know how to deal with those limitations in order to obtain the maximum compensation for your damages. 

A car accident lawyer will also be able to help you understand your rights after an accident, including how to protect yourself from false insurance claims. A lawyer can help you gather evidence to support your claim, and they can also negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on your behalf. 

It is also critical to speak with a car accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident occurs. If you accept a settlement offer from an insurance company without a lawyer present, you will be bound by that agreement and you will not be able to sue for more money. 

Another major benefit of having a car accident lawyer is that they will be your advocate throughout the entire claim process. Your lawyer is legally required to act in your best interest at all times, and if they represent you in court, they will be required to be a strong and vocal voice for you. 

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